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Dear friends!


I want to tell you about Russian scale models of the Soviet automobiles

produced since a 1912. First, serial models; in general they are issued

by the factory i.e. "Radon" in Marks and "Tantal" in Saratov. There are

many different models.  For example, "Moscvich" has an operating bonnet

detailing only the engine and "Volga" details the engine, gimbals,

accumulator, windscreen wipers and lighting. Model cars of the high

government officials, ZIL 115 and ZIL 117, are very elegant. The "Kamaz" by

Kazan issues perfect models of great accuracy.  For example, even the

wheel sprockets turn. The Leningrad firefighter model, based off 1937 ZIS

is als very detailed. I can say with confidence that soviet car models

are the best in the world. This is due to models being developed and

produced in military facories responsible for radio components. However,

now that public contracts on military production are gone, many of the

workers are building models to sell as income in Moscow.


As for hand made models, they are produced in Moscow, Herson,

Ekaterinburg and Kiev, but all eventually end up in Moscow. The quality of these

models can vary.  Many collectors in Moscow prefer models without

opening doors or bonnets due to the risk of damaging paint. It is also

possible to order very complex models with as many as 300 details. It is

mainly the models of lorries. It is also possible to order both a set of

details or a complete model, some which you may see in a catalog..


I hope this information has been interesting and helps you to assemble

a beautiful collection. Good luck!


Vadim Diatlenko