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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order some items?

If you want to get information about price of some russian models, see ''CATALOGUE" section


Last numeral in the model number  is a price.

For example:

Moskvich 408 ----------------S-004-5

S - means that model produced serially,

004- model number ,

5 - model price (5$)

If you see "X" instead of a price - it means that this model is antique or special edition.(in that case, price is generally higher than 30$)

Then  simply send me email with model number and quantity  you want to buy..

You can send me money by Money Gram or Western Union,

and in 12-15 days you'll get a parcel with models.

Usually I comply with a request on tuesdays, .

You are carrying out postal charges .

Transition of a one kilogram costs approximately 7$

And please, bear in mind that photographed models  are from my collections, and generally all of them are antique.

Respectively,  models which were produced recently, can have constructive change and their quality can be low.


Do you have some items for sale or exchange right now?

Yes, you can see them here.